The Benefits of 3D Mammography

3D is probably the best thing to have occurred as far as breast screening is concerned. With this technology, the needs of various breast tests have been cut as a result of this technology. The standard mammography was not that clear which made the doctors ask the women to come for the additional tests.

These anxious tests can, however, be reduced when the 3D mammography is used. One of the primary benefits of mammography is that it helps in the diagnosis of cancer. This read outlines some of the benefits of 3D mammography.

Accurate Detection

lady wearing a braWith 3D mammography, it is easier to detect the cancerous cells. This is an improvement from the standard mammography which was not that clear, therefore, not conclusive.

It minimizes the impact of the overlapping breast tissue, therefore, making it easy to see the cancerous cells in the breast tissue. Since doctors get to see more than one image, they can accurately detect the cancerous cells in the breast tissue.

Earlier Diagnosis

There have been cases of late diagnosis of the tumor even for individuals who went for scans earlier on. This is because the 3D mammography which is not detailed has not been able to reveal the tumor, especially at the initial stages.

However, this is not the case with 3D mammography, since the images can be reviewed one by one; it is easier to detect the tumorous cells at the initial stages.

Better Detection

When it comes to the 3D mammography, there is better detection in the dense breast tissue. The dense breast tissue is typically found in the younger women who usually causes shadows because of the overlapping tissues.

It is not possible to see this when the standard 2D mammography is used. Just like the name suggests, the 3D mammography will take images from the breasts at three different angles. This, therefore, offers a better view of the breast tissue.

Less Anxiety

Patients who undergo different types of tests to detect the presence or the extent of cancer are usually anxious. They become more and more concerned when they are required to run several tests.

When it comes to breast examination, this can be prevented by making use of the 3D mammography.  Since the 3D mammography is accurate, it will help in reducing the false alarms.

Safe and Effective

lady washing her breastLast but not least, the 3D mammography is safe and effective. During the examination process using this technology, women will be exposed to minimal radiation as compared to the 2D mammography.

According to the FDA, the radiation dose is low then the recommended limit and therefore does not expose the individuals to various dangers.